Make Your Website Social Media Friendly

There are many ways to improve your website and make it more appealing, more successful and SEO optimized. Use your imagination, skills, knowledge and ideas to create a truly extraordinary site that stands out. Don’t forget to follow the tips of the experts in web design and the current trends in the field that will help you to achieve your goals. One of the most interesting, exciting and fluid trends in the web design, is the integration of the social media in the whole concept of the website and the brand. Today, more and more companies take advantage from the great potential that social networks have for an effective direct communication with the audience and their customers.

How to integrate of social media in your website?

The first thing you should do is to make a plan for your appearance and positions in the social network. Try to incorporate the social media strategies into the brand building, the marketing and the SEO strategies of your company to create the perfect balance for its development and success. The most effective “social media friendly” sites have a very active, topical and extraordinary appearance in the social networks. They bring attention, evoke discussions and make a point about current topics in order to put the focus on their companies and the way they stand in front of the audience. The social media is the greatest source of information about people’s opinions, preferences, points of view and influences. That is why you should use the social strategies to introduce your company and yourself in front of the world and be responsive to the reactions, the feedback and the dynamics in the audience that you will get.

The social networks must represent physically in your website in the most natural way. The integration of the social media is recommended to be done by professionals in the field. Because even if you build the most effective social strategy, it will not bring you the success you want, if it is not integrated correctly to your brand and your website. The process involves a lot more efforts and knowledge than just adding sharing buttons to the content of your site. Use icons with outlining appearance that easily attracts the attention of visitors. Add the popular icons and buttons of the type “follow” on the top of each webpage to evoke your customers to keep up with your latest events and news on the social media. Some of the most successful buttons are the “call to action” type, such as the “like” icons of Facebook.

They give the option to your customers not only to explore what you have to offer, but to express opinions as well. Don’t miss out to include the “share” buttons to the content on your website, especially for the content that is outstanding. This type of social media icons becomes more and more popular in the e-commerce sites, where customers get the chance to exchange opinions and information between one another and to share the products on the social networks. Be flexible and responsive when including the social media to your website and try not to overdo the usage of the icons. The more natural the social networks stand on the pages, the better. The “social friendly” site is the audience friendly site!