Social Media Design and Customization

Web site design is always an important factor in visitors’ snap judgment of your site. That same idea comes across now with Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter profiles, LinkedIn accounts and any other one of the many social media tools available today. A lot is said about what social media can do for business and one very important factor is your online image and how you are presenting your message to potential customers.

This article covers some of the broad strokes relating to business who would like to start using social media in a different way or need to bring a new image to potential customers.

Here are a few main things a consistent design can do for you on the web:

• Better understanding of your target audience.
• Having a strong reputation within your niche as an authority can bring more business
• Strong connection to your fans / clients / potential customers
• Better brand awareness
• People searching for your company need to see a clear relationship between your sites

Implementing a cohesive design across the various social media outlets doesn’t need to be daunting. By simply using consistent graphics or imagery you can solidify your image on the web. You just have to respect a few guidelines.

Always utilize simple, quick and easy built in add-ons to enhance your look. Allow your social media pages to reflect the design of your site. Never forget to keep it simple.

There are very significant benefits that will improve your online presence. People searching for your company will see a clear relationship between sites. Visitors will get the feeling you have made an effort in reaching them with your message. They will know business is booming thanks to information that is fresh and up-to-date. You will also develop a strong footing in your industry and gain more customers.

Of course, there is a lot more to launching a full force, effective marketing campaign and social networks will only play part of it. However some of the ideas described here are simple enough for anyone to do while some are simple, quick and effective services web companies can handle for you.

Internet Marketing With Social Media

Social Media Design

A balance of simplicity, sophistication, brand cohesion and colour scheme across the top three social media platforms, encouraging interaction, likes, fans, followers, subscribers and overall sales volume.

Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page gives you the opportunity to have the same branding on Facebook as you have on your website and all other marketing material. It is designed in a way very much like a landing page with data capture, and the added option of embedded video.

YouTube Branded Channel

A YouTube Branded Channel allows you to stand out from all channels that use the standard YouTube template. Included in the branding will be your corporate colour scheme, logo, strapline key messages and business contact information, this ensures your brand will be immediately recognised.

Twitter Branded Background

Similar to the YouTube Branded Channel, a Twitter Branded Profile Background will keep brand synergy, easily recognisable for potential followers. As with all our designs we keep to technical specifications of the social media platform ensuring viewing ability from all users accessing from various resolution screens.

Internet Marketing Now

Internet marketing has changed dramatically over the last few years and bigger changes are on their way. Five years ago the internet was known as the information super highway, although that hasn’t changed people use it as much for social media and expect information to come to them freely. Unlike newspaper advertising where you are stuck with what’s on the page with the internet you have a choice; they need to be enticed with a pull style approach.

Give Your Customers a Reason to Stay

Most people on the internet will research a product or service before they decide to buy, to keep them on your website, to make that decision we have to GIVE them the information they need. This information needs to be free and with no strings in order to build a relationship and trust. There is no point in giving special offers, if that decision has not been made. If you give good, reliable information, and the decision is not today they will come back to you as the trust is there.

Internet Marketing With Social Media

On average social media users have 130 friends so if your customer “like’s”, “Shares” or Tweets” your information, web video production or any other message, that is passed to 130 multiply that by another 130, it’s going viral. Make it as easy as possible to share your info with Like, Tweet, share buttons. if they don’t buy now they are not a lost customer but an addition to future marketing.

Does Email Marketing Work?

Some people think that email marketing is dead; in truth it’s not it has just evolved. There is too much spam out there offering discounts with big push style tactics. If you email a potential customer with informative information that sparks interest, as well as giving them the opportunity to find out more with a link to your website, these customers might not buy now but when the time is right they may just remember you and dig out your email.

Social Media – Building Brand and Followers on Twitter

Twitter is a great way to build brand and loyalty in social media. Designed around the concept of community, Twitter rewards participation and creativity. Here is how I built personal brand and followers on Twitter.

Branded Icon

So much in the fast flow of Twitter conversations is based on the visual image of your icon. Brand it and minimize the changes. That icon is how hardcore Twitterers subconsciously track everything. If you change it or go to some off the shelf manga avatar you will lose attention.

Chose a prominent color, logo, or distinctive picture. I chose a black and whit picture–no on uses black and white anymore. Bingo! Bill Rice’s face is a branded image.

Custom Twitter Page

This is essential. When people go to follow or investigate you. A default template is almost as bad as a Twitter account with not Tweets–guaranteed lost follower.

This is also free advertising space for your business. Where else can you get free banner ad placement on a million user network. Use it.

Keyword Bio

You bio is your first introduction and follows you in all of the Twitter third-party applications. Be specific about the types of people you want following and engaging in conversations with you.

I like to do this quickly and efficiently with a list of keywords. Everyone knows what tags and keywords are these days. Leave out the prose and get straight to the point.

Custom Landing Page

The website link is yours. It is only going to be followed by a targeted audience of Twitter users. Turn it into a valuable landing page for your Twitter clients and for you.

Build a custom page on your website or blog. It should serve up a quick introduction, why someone should follow you, what you do, and a valuable freebie.

Also, don’t forget the call to action–make sure they have followed you and maybe ask them to join your email list.

Attract Conversations

The Twitter community is full of search and meme following and tracking utilities. Keep that in mind and use rich keywords that will attract valuable followers. Make your tweets attract.